Kid-Approved Office Essentials

Believe it or not, when a software engineer and a communications all-star marry, the result can end up being a super creative kid. I sat down with such a kid and recorded a list of home-office supplies that are sure to help foster creativity and STEM for years to come. Check it out!


It seems so simple, but any-old paper is not your best choice.

Lined Practice Paper

For kids that are learning how to write, lined practice paper is essential. Shaping letters requires thinking about how high to draw the parts vertically. The dashed line provides a reference for kids, parents and teachers to get it right.

Even when kids are not practicing their writing explicitly, this practice paper can still be used — like when spelling new words or authoring a short story. This paper from Amazon is great for second graders and has 500 sheets.

Graph Paper

For the architectural or engineering types, graph paper is a must! This 6-pack from Amazon will enable the creators of the home to draft accurate plans quickly and easily.

Legal Pads

Legal pads are great for everyone in the house. Making a list of things to do before winter? Legal pad. Need scratch paper for math homework? Legal pad. Joining an important conference call? Legal pad. Out of toilet paper? Lord please anything else. This multi-pack from Amazon has quality paper at a reasonable price.

Drafting Supplies

It takes more than a #2 pencil to get the job done these days.

Flair Pens

Make writing and checking your own answers fun! This multi-pack from Amazon has all the colors you need.

Math Tools

Perfect circles? Yes, please. Angle measuring? Essential, really. This kit from Amazon fits the needs of math learners, designers, and makers alike. It has two compasses, a protractor, tip refills, a sharpener, a ruler, two right-triangle tools, and a mini pencil!


For studious types, a splash of color over key text makes the learning stick! This 12-pack from Amazon will keep the highlights coming!

Design Space

Creative minds need creative spaces.

Drafting Table

It doesn’t matter what you are drafting. A large, flat, sturdy surface makes a huge difference in the quality of the output. This table from Amazon has an adjustable angle and included storage — it’s hard to find better!

Tracing Pad

Tracing not only helps an artist hone skills, but also comes in handy for a variety other tasks, like combining cutout templates or forging signatures. This pad from Amazon has a dimmable backlight and powers over USB.

Storage Clipboard

Portability is paramount. This clipboard can store drawing utensils and paper alike. For designers on-the-go or on-the-couch don’t overlook the tried-and-true clipboard!

Closing Thoughts

I’ll admit, I was a bit surprised at the enthusiasm a kid can have for office essentials. I’m glad I entertained the idea and ran the requested searches to explore these interests. Plain and simple – a kid that wants to take office supplies seriously is a kid that is hungry to use the supplies to explore the world around him or her.

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