For the past 18 years I have worked professionally as a software engineer. Most of my experience is working on flight simulators – awe-inspiring pilot training devices that only come together when a talented team is enabled with great technology. I love working in simulation, and my reputation as a principal engineer is sacred to me.

I have always used a portion of my free time to study the technology relevant to my trade, and as I matured in my field I reached a point where I needed an outlet to share my expertise and experiences. From this need, my blog, Takeoff Technical, was born.

This site does incur operating expenses, and to offset these costs I have formed affiliate relationships with brands I trust. You can support me as a creator by using the links below, or within my articles and video descriptions, to purchase any product from these companies. I will make a small commission, but you will pay the same price as everyone else.

As I build my own brand, Takeoff Technical, I will always put my integrity before financial benefits. I want my readers and viewers to have a positive experience, so I have chosen to limit advertising across my site and channels. Instead, I promote specific products that I work with myself. These are products that improve my productivity, achieve my objectives, and otherwise enable me as a professional.

I will keep this page up-to-date with the brands I partner with, because I value honesty and transparency. I believe honesty and transparency are essential to succeed and advance as an engineer, and I extend this belief to the content I produce for Takeoff Technical. Do understand that I benefit from your use of my links to make purchases from these companies. Please also understand, though, that my endorsements are sincere.


Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world. I purchase a variety of parts, supplies, and tools from Amazon for professional purposes. Given the large volume of products and sellers, not all of my orders have gone correctly. However, Amazon customer service has always made it right for me. Moreover, I also subscribe to Amazon Prime. By bundling free shipping with an online video streaming service, Amazon makes a strong case for the subscription.


Microsoft is software company so renowned it’s nearly impossible you aren’t aware of it. Many Microsoft products are essential for me to create and release great technology. The best product offering for all, however, is the Microsoft 365 subscription. My family has subscribed for over a decade. Included for $99/annual are the latest Microsoft Office applications and 1TB of cloud storage each for up to 5 members of my family. Considering the applications are also compatible with macOS, there is little reason not to have an account.



VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software provider. I have used and loved VMware products for the entirety of my career. In my opinion, VMware Workstation Pro should be standard issue for software architects. Virtual machines are one of the best prototyping technologies I have ever used, and many of my past architecture projects were successful because of virtualization. Those wishing to learn virtualization should also start with VMware Workstation Pro. That said, with widespread IT industry adoption of VMware products, learning anything VMware both empowers one with virtualization workflows and opens doors with a sought-after skillset.

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